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advocacy for transportation


Summary of transportation

The League encourages legislators to shape transportation decisions toward a coherent policy that supports energy efficiency and smart growth.  Priorities in this area include maintenance and repair of  existing transportation infrastructure,  provision of  capital and operating needs for transit agencies, and creation of  a railroad network that provides adequate capacity for both passenger and freight systems.  The League will specifically continue to monitor and support high speed rail corridor development.

transportation: League Position

National:  League action on transportation is undertaken through the transportation section in the LWVUS Impact on Issues, 2010-2012,  Social Policy chapter under the  position on Meeting Basic Human Needs.   “LWVUS concern about public transportation grew out of efforts on behalf of equal opportunity for employment and housing....Leagues continue to use the Transportation position with their own local or ILO positions to back local and regional moves to improve mass transit..." Transportation action may also be coordinated with the goals of LWVUS  positions on Natural Resources, such as energy conservation and air quality.

New York State:  The current LWVNYS Impact on Issues, under Natural Resources, offers a position on Urban Sprawl.  The statement does not mention transportation explicitly, but local Leagues may coordinate transportation actions with this position, since transportation infrastructure has a direct impact on containing or exacerbating urban sprawl.

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