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The League of Women Voters has long been recognized as the premiere source for nonpartisan election information.  Every year, the Voter Resource Network provides millions of New Yorkers with accurate, timely election information in print, radio, TV and on the Web.  Need some assistance during election time?  Whether you're a first-time voter or just looking for some friendly reminders, the League has the information you need.

voting & Election Information

2017 Political Calendar (3/9/2016)

National Voter Registration Day: September 26, 2017


  • Aug. 18  last day to postmark voter registration form  or to register in person to vote in primary
  • Sept. 5  last day to postmark application for absentee ballot for primary election
  • Sept 11  last day to apply in person for primary absentee ballot
  • Sept. 11 last day to postmark absentee ballot for primary
  • Sept 12  last day to deliver absentee ballot in person to County BOE


  • OCT. 13  last day to  postmark voter registration form or register in person at BOE
  • Oct. 13    last day to change party enrollment for 2018 primaries
  • Oct. 31  last day to postmark application for absentee ballot
  • Nov 6  last day to apply in person for absentee ballot
  • Nov. 6  last day to postmark ballot for general election
  • Nov 7  last day to deliver absentee ballot in person to BOE

Vote 411: Electronic Voter Guide
The electronic voter guide, Vote 411, has gone live for the Presidential Primary. Check back later for more information on future primaries and races. (3/9/2016)

QR Code
  • Use the QR Code (left) to reach Vote 411 on smartphones and tablets.
  • Go to www.vote411.org to enter your address and see the ballot for just your address.


Voter Registration Basics

2017 Voter Guide Part I
Info on how to register, obtain absentee ballot and dates and deadlines for primaries and general election.

2017 Voter Guide Part II
(Ballot Proposals)

Absentee Ballot Application NYS Voter's Bill of Rights
Federal Voting Assistance Program Polling Place Lookup
First Vote, A Guide for New Voters in NYS
Text Version
First Vote, A Guide for New Voters in NYS English    Spanish
Military/Federal Voting Information Voter Registration Form – English
NYS Board of Elections Voter Registration Form – Spanish

Your Right to Vote in New York State

College Students
Text Version   Brochure
Individuals with Disabilities
Text Version   Brochure
Homeless Individuals
Text Version   Brochure
Individuals with Mental Health Disabilities
Text Version   Brochure
Individuals with Criminal Convictions and Those Detained in Jail or Prison
Text Version  Brochure

NYAD logoRegister to be an Organ Donor(6/22/2015)
In 2009, New York became the first state to include an organ and tissue donor enrollment section on voter registration forms.  Since inception, over 160,000 individuals have joined the New York State Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donor Registry via voter registration forms.  LWVNYS has joined with NY Alliance for Donation to help increase organ donor registrations through the voter registration forms. Click here for more information, and click here for the YouTube video.
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