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Meet Your Legislators

LWV of the North Country including Clinton and Essex Counties, sponsors a Meet Your State Legislators event. All students from area high schools are invited but only two students chosen by their respective schools are honored delegates. The event is held on a Saturday morning and is currently in its fifth year. This year our program begins with a presentation of 2014 SIA attendee ( Hannah Osborne)  reflecting on SIA. Our three State legislators then present information on their current jobs, steps to getting elected, committees they are on, and advantages/disadvantages of being senator or assemblyperson. The event is interactive and delegates ask questions. At the end of the program, two students' names are chosen by lottery (one from each county) to attend Students Inside Albany. Certificates are awarded by legislators to all of the  high school chosen delegates.
Contact: Betty Ann King.

Take Me to Vote

Take Your Kids 2 Vote is a campaign to encourage America’s parents to make Election Day a true lesson in democracy for their children. Taking our kids along when we vote is both the simplest and most effective way to demonstrate the greatest gift of American citizenship. Other local Leagues have programs also; contact state office for info.
  • LWV Saratoga Take Me to Vote Program
  • LWV of Chautauqua.  The Take Me to Vote project aims to introduce children to voting while motivating them to get their parents or guardians to go to the polls.  Each schoolchild gets a large colorful card to take to the polling place with a voting adult; the cards are signed by one of the election inspectors, and the classroom in each school that gets the largest proportion of signed cards returned wins a pizza party.  The project has the blessing of the County Election Commissioners, of the various superintendents and elementary school principals, and of the teachers, who prepare each class (K-5) with appropriate instruction on democracy.  Starting about eight years ago with four schools, the program now reaches every public and most private schools in our far-flung rural county: 11,000 students this year. Contact: Minda Rae Amiran.
  • LWV of Schenectady. The Take Me to vote involves all the elementary schools in the county grades K through 5.  Every child is given a paper which they bring with them to the poll site when they go with an adult.  This slip of paper with child’s name and school is placed in an envelope at the site and counted afterwards.    The school with the highest participation gets a plaque provided by Time Warner and the Mayor or Town Supervisor presents it at an assembly. Contact: Connie Young.
  • LWV of Tompkins County   This program is done with cooperation of the Tompkins County  Board of Elections and encourages adult voters to take their children and “future voters”to the polls when they vote.   “Future voters” who accompany and adult to the polls will receive a special Future Voter sticker (provided by the LWVTC) from the poll site manager or election inspector.  The goals are: to encourage voter turnout, to have adults take future voters to the polls and demonstrate the importance of active informed participation in government by voting, and  to prepare children for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship through direct voting experience.   The LWV of Tompkins County has prepared letters to be sent to parents, to school personnel ( superintendents, administrators,  principals, teachers,) and to parents.  Contact: Kathleen Yen.

First Vote

First Vote is a project of The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County that reaches out to graduating seniors in Saratoga County high schools to provide them with the resources they need to register to vote. Read more...

LWV of Saratoga. Contact:Darnell Rohrbaugh.

Leadership in the Community

The LWV Smithtown, in conjunction with the Smithtown Youth Bureau, created a Leadership in the Community program, which has been offered twice- once to 35  8th to 10th graders at the Kings Park High School, and currently to a smaller group of the same age as an abbreviated summer program. The partnership with the Smithtown Youth Bureau has expanded the ability to reach out to a larger youth population, helped with additional leaders and facilitators, and regularly reinvigorated this small league in its youth efforts. The program is directed towards an individual or team project. Understanding and developing leadership and communication skills, team building and working with groups, and conflict resolution are all stressed in the program; the program also helps in finding prospective participants for Students Inside Albany! Also Leadership in the Community has helped LWV Smithtown raise its profile in our community.

Contac: Lisa Scott.

Running and Winning

LWV of Hamptons.  In its fourth year, Running and Winning provides an opportunity for junior and senior student-leaders to meet with local legislators to hear what it's like to serve as a public official and to work together in  cooperative teams to prepare for a political campaign.  Having been selected by the administration and faculty from their schools, participants are assigned positions: candidate, speech writer, fundraiser, and publicist; write and present a speech on a predetermined well-researched topic (this year, it's getting out the vote); design a poster and logo, and present how they will raise necessary campaign funds.  This year, two participants chosen at the event will represent this league at Students Inside Albany.  

Contact: Mary Blake.

Tools to Change Your World

LWV of Rye, RyeBrook, PortChester.  This extracurricular seminar encourages young people to participate in government and equips them with knowledge and tools to grapple with real world problems.     It takes high school students from neighboring school districts and has them research solutions to local problems.  This past year the seminar was comprised of full day retreats and several evening two hour sessions that  addressed  the challenge of increasing voter turnout.  It moves from research to solutions and empowers students to become concerned and active citizens.  This program is evolving and will be entering its third year.

Debbie Reisner.

Future Voters of America

Future Voters of America
The League of Women Voters Huntington, LI, N.Y. has developed a relationship
with the Suffolk County Girl Scouts of America which is applicable to other Leagues. The Girl Scouts of America have developed a government badge toward which many troops work. The manual for this badge is available online, and its requirements indicate that the League of Women Voters and the Girl Scouts of America have many goals in common. The program is a variation on the existing Vote 18 program. The format is as follows:

I. Interactive discussion of the history of the women’s vote in America,
    using the Vote 18 script.
II. Discussion of the importance of voting in today’s America.
III. Art project: the girls made posters encouraging all who are eligible to
    make sure to vote in the November 2012 election.

Contact: Judie Gorenstein for more information.

Vote Rochester

LWV of Rochester. Vote Rochester aims to increase voter registration in Monroe County by targeting young people through social networking.  All of the Participation in Government classes in the city of Rochester are visited by college students via the electoral fellows program which already brings together college students interested in politics.  The website makes it possible to look up friends and family to see who’s registered and who’s not, so you can recruit them. It’s voters getting viral! The LWVis also engaging with partner organizations whose constituencies have a stake in being better represented in government.  The organizations set a goal, make a plan, and make a wish for how they might be recognized when they meet their goal.  The League assists them with volunteers, the tools on our website, and help make their wish for recognition come true.

Contact: Barbara Grosh.

Girls Day Out

LWV of Schenectady.  This is a program done in conjunction with other community agencies  to help 7th and 8th grade girls build relationships, enhance their self esteem, and inspire them.  It involves a full day program at which the girls participate in workshops on building relationship skills, a workshop on arts expression and then share what they learned in a finale. The program continues into the schools as the girls meet in groups with mentors to help develop healthy relationships, solve programs and work to stay in school. 

Joanne Tobiessen.

A Different Kind of Youth Program

The Suffolk County League has supported the growth of the Center for Restorative Practices, Inc, which is housed at Touro Law Center in Central Islip New York. The Center and the League are members of Touro’s  Public Advocacy Center (PAC) . The Center’s primary mission is to break the school-to-prison pipeline.   Young law students have been recruited to assist in this effort.  Dialogue and open access between the League, the Center and young professionals is now in place. The students are working to (1) assist  high-school students who are facing suspension hearings and (2) to advocate for the use of “conferencing” as  an alternative response to suspensions, expulsions and  some juvenile incarcerations. The students are also assisting in plans for the Center’s national conference, “Integrating Restorative Practices Into our Justice System,” to take place on November 18, 2011. For more information please go to the Center’s web site at

Contact: Carol McNally.

Voting 101

LWVWC (Wayne County) MAL steering committee constructed a powerpoint, called Voting 101, last fall (2010), that was presented to grade 12 classes in Wayne County. Click here to view and download the power point.  Voting 101 used part of First Vote, some internet pictures, and information from three American History Grants.  It's basically a History of voting (from the Long Island voting game), with media (video, primary sources) along with what redistricting means to the voting public.  The  DVD was given out at the NYS Council on Social Studies Convention in Rochester in March, and to each high school in Wayne County. 

Ellie Drake

Vote 18

Vote18 is an active, interactive romp through history, developed to impress upon students, in a visceral way, the importance of voting. The program was designed to be presented in one classroom session of 40 minutes to one hour. The Vote18 curriculum belongs to a separate not-for-profit corporation, which has trained League members to teach it in high schools throughout the state.

  • LWV of Huntington is training high school students in the Huntington Youth Council to present this program in junior high and elementary schools.   The LWV of Huntington has presented this program to over 3000 high school students.  They are now looking to bring the program with the help of high school students to elementary and junior high schools.
    Contact: Judie Gorenstein.
  • This has been successful program in LWV of Rye, Rye Brook, PortChester, in educating students as well as adults. They also held training session for future leaders of the program.  Contact: Debbie Reisner.

Mock Elections

An Exciting New Youth Program from the League of Women Voters of Chautauqua County
In collaboration with the Chautauqua County Board of Elections, the League of Women Voters of Chautauqua County conducted mock presidential elections in eleven high schools, four middle schools, and two elementary schools between September 26 and October 26, 2012. These schools were widely distributed over our large, mainly rural county.  One of the schools also hosted fifty home-schooled students from a LEAH group. Read more...

Contact: Minda Rae Amiran

Scholarships for High School Seniors

LWV of Cazenovia.  Contact: Janet Monroe.
LWV of White Plains. Contact: Madeline Zevon