State League Publications

This section includes information specifically geared to help educate Local League Leaders on things from basic leadership and strategic planning, to skill development areas such as attracting visibility, recruiting new members and increasing your fundraising. We encourage you to explore this section plus the website as a whole.

Publications for local league training

2023 League Legislative Agenda

Impact on issues

Citizen Lobbyist

Everything you need to know about organizing successful events. See samples from local Leagues, too!

Youth Programming Toolkit

A Toolkit for GOTV: How to Successfully Get Out the Vote

A Toolkit for Voter Registration Drives: How to Organize a Successful Voter Registration Drive

A Toolkit for Candidate Events: How to Hold a Successful Candidate Event

Your right to vote in New York State

College Students

Individuals with Disabilities

Homeless Individuals

Individuals with Criminal Convictions and Those Detained in Jail or Prison