League Conventions & Council

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy

June 2-4, 2023

Open to all members with only delegates assigned by local Leagues permitted to vote during plenary sessions.

Convention Kit

  • Reports from President, Vice Presidents and Issue Specialists and Committees on activities during this past year.

Pre-Convention Kit

  • Proposed Slate of Officers and Board of Directors
  • Proposed 2023-24 LWVNYS Budget
  • Proposed 2023-25 Program
    1. Board Recommended Study on the use of RCV and alternatives to party primaries for state, congressional and local offices
    2. Board Recommended Study on the process used by the state Board of Elections to approve voting systems with the purpose of seeing if the process can be improved to be more effective in ensuring that approved voting systems meet a balance of the SARAT (“secure, accurate, recountable, accessible and transparent”) criteria.
    3. Board Recommended Concurrence with Waste position of the 4 Capital District Leagues

Additional Materials on Concurrence with Waste Position

Empowering voters defending democracy.

PPT: Communications is Key

PPT: Evaluating Our Impact

Resources: Election Impact Report

Framing the Future FAQ

Member Rights and Responsibilities

League Responsibilities

Cause for Concern 2024: The State of Hate

How Election Denialism Threatens Our Democracy and the Safeguards We Need to Defend It

PPT: Moderator Training

Handout: Moderator Training Script

PPT: Community Networking – LWV Buffalo/Niagara

PPT: How Has Your League Partnered With Other Organizations? – LWV Albany County

PPT: How to Increase Visibility With Specific Activities – LWV New York City

PPT: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Handout: Event Planning Checklist

Handout: Membership Crossword Puzzle

PPT: The Four-One-One on Marketing Vote411

Resources: Vote411 Resources Toolkit

Social Media Post Templates

PPT: What’s Changed in Elections Procedures?

Handout: 2023 DEI Survey Results

Handout: Tip Sheet for DEI Implementation

PPT: Another Lost Opportunity

Handout: Voting in Jails Questionnaire

Handout: Voting in Jail Project

PPT: Engaging College Students

Resources: The Citizen Lobbyist